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    Fondant Gum...Will bees Eat it?

    Thanks for the reply I have reached 117 C and did not let the liquid boil but removed from stove. It took all night to cool outside in -3C. Is it true that heat naturally inverts sugar at 117C? What do you mean reduce water? Should water be 1 liter per 10 Kilos of sugar?
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    Fondant Gum...Will bees Eat it?

    No i did not Dehydrate the sugar because if I did it would have turned black. The pink salt is a Deer salt full of minerals... I use it for grease patties and I add to my "bee" baths. Bees prefer salt water over fresh. I only put a teaspoon for this batch... The bees seem to have started...
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    Fondant Gum...Will bees Eat it?

    Decided to try this is a small batch before making huge amount for my Nucs. Mixed 2 quarts of water to 20 lb sugar. (should be 1 quart to 20lb?) put a little Pink Salt few drops of various Essential oils. Added 40 Grains(2.6g) of citric acid heated to 236 F. Thing turned to be gum.. I think...