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  • Hi, I saw your posting regarding availability of nucs this year. I lost (literally - gone!)both of my colonies over winter. I need gentle bees, as they are at the bottom of the garden, with neighbours! But it seems that New Zealand ones have survival problems!
    So, do you still have any that will be available? If so, when and how much?
    I have a 4-frame nucleus box suitable for travelling, if that helps. I live near Woodbridge, Suffolk so the distance isn't too great.
    Anyway , please let me know what might be available as I'm actively looking around, especially those with Buckfast nucs.
    Thanks, Tony
    Wembury Primary School have a bee club run by Terry Clarke who is also the school caretaker.
    I expect he would be more than happy to answer any questions and you can mention me Felicity's Dad by way of introduction...

    [email protected]

    Terry also organises a spectecular live bee show for the Devon show!
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