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    Can bees manage themselves

    Normally cows on a dairy farm will have had their calfs removed they are milked by a machine the more milk taken the more they will produce up to a limit. If they were to be in the wild the calf would use the milk so the cow wouldn't die. I think this is another case of someone from the city not...
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    Sorry got a bit side tracked of course there is no connection.Just thinking why I would ever concider replacing the queens.
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    The two bad hives were from swarms. I can use the propolis so at the moment wouldnt even consider requeening. Really dark bees but think I may have to keep an eye on their temperment.
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    Think this is the worse year I,ve ever had for propolis 2 out of my 3 hives everything is glued down tight, The crown boards are thick with it. It is a major job just to do an inspection. Could it be a sign of weather to come? Not much of a problem now but might need a hammer and chisel to get...
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    Dead Chicken

    Years ago I watched a fox climb over an eight foot fence into our chicken pen this was when the do gooders were relocating town foxes to the countryside, It didnt climb any more fences after. Normally they will wipe out the whole flock and take perhaps one chicken.
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    Dead Chicken

    Lost all mine to polecats last year they killed the chickens over a few days .Always left them in the pen as they couldnt manage to drag them through the wire.Polecats used to be quite rare around here but are making a resurgence probably due to an increase in rabbits.
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    When to change out old frames?

    I always keep some old frames for bait hives and ditch the really bad ones.
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    Dead lavae and bees

    Many other beekeepers in countries not as well off as we are use alternative treatments like rhubarb leaves for varroa and wood ash for storing frames, perhaps they don't work as well as what we have but they have no choice.
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    Is it time to put the brakes on the boom in beekeeping?

    Its easy to target Beekeepers never get to the real issue of the fields of green without a weed or flower,Years ago I used to pick mushrooms in the local fields now you would be lucky to see one.All due to most farmers being brainwashed by the agro chemical companies that all weeds are bad.
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    Disaster dropped My queen

    Always mark my queens white which I find easier to spot .If I was selling queens then the correct colour would be needed. I,ve had queens in the past that could never be found and I didnt see any point ripping the hive apart just to mark her. I think loosing the queen happens I once removed some...
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    Boosting existing colonies by introducing swarms

    You could keep the swarms until the autumn then merge to strengthen hives going into winter also have a pick of queens. It depends on how much spare kit you have.
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    Summer inspections

    Moved a massive swarm in the bait hive on top of the shed roof tonight,there were still some bees flying after it had gone dark so just had to leave them behind.Who says swarming has finished my bait hives have never been so busy never known a year like it.There is still a flow on with us...
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    How late do your bees fly?

    Had bees around the bait hive on shed roof at just gone seven this morning ,Hopefully my third swarm coming soon second one from this hive.
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    Aggressive swarm(s)

    Could be your smoker dry pine needles burn well making the smoke too hot.Try something else ,search the forum its been discussed before.
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    Bee keepers footwear

    Cheap wellies from Screwfix (White ones) keep them just for working on the bees.