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    Weald Place Farm

    Well you can eliminate EB PRODUCTS as he had no cases of EFB / AFB from his sales reported. So you can eliminate him
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    No response! The Lights out.

    No Questions askd in the LEGION and you never find him :) HAW HAW HE HAW
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    No response! The Lights out.

    From posts on the forum this year i cant c eny1 buying from the Gentleman..He must have flown in to the Bermuda Triangle as no1 has seen or herd from him.But you never know he may pop up in the French foreign legion
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    D- Go to the bottom of the class. Rubbish beekeeper alert.

    Funny thing Nature :) How little we know yet think we know but our little insect fwends know everything :)
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    Honey For Sale Sign

    Nice Advert for Alder Apiary
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    supples of bees Queens web page down

    Same as you Mr Fly,I have queens of Mr Roberts and have no problms with them.With him being a few miles away iv had a morning drive down to collect. I had a couple hrs to spare and the lads took me out to c how they work 4 the morning as i askd a few questions and they thot it easyer to show and...
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    Who breaks 'the rules' then?

    Nature has no rules so how can you break eny ?
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    Why is it?

    You cant control nature im afraid,tho alot of people think they can
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    weald farm bees (efb)

    Using a tiny start up fee, in 15 weeks William has created the largest commercial bee farm in the district selling his stock to bee-keepers across the land. “It's been a roaring success really,” he said. “I started off on £400 which was all the money I had in the world when the printing...