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    Importation of bees

    They tried that at a local prison and both cameras disappeared!
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    To wee or not to wee

    Yes I saw these two publications were missing. There is a second edition of his Cottagers Manual for sale at Arden Books: £350.00 [Ref: 54655] I have reprint of the 1819 edition and a first edition of the Cottagers Manual.
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    To wee or not to wee

    A bit bored I picked up a couple of old books and found the following: Huish; 1819. In his “Instructions for using the Huish hive, from which the combs are extracted without killing the bees”. It may appear visionary to the incredulous Apiarian, but I can mention a liquid which will induce...
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    Any Aeroplane Buffs Here?

    Have had B52’s and U2’s flying overhead at one site this year.
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    Online or book resource for forage

    There’s also the IBRA directory of important honey sources.
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    Any Aeroplane Buffs Here?

    Have seen the parachute training flights in Oxfordshire too.
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    Any Aeroplane Buffs Here?

    Quite amazing what flies overhead when out with the bees; on one site 3 spitfires flew overhead. They came over the trees at what felt was quite a low level.
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    Honey in the news again.

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    Prostate problems for Beekeepers of a certain age

    So true and even better when you are able to do the lifting!
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    Varroa feed on bees’ fat body

    Trickle treating can have adverse effects on young larvae: A scientific note on the effect of oxalic acid on honey bee larvae
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    Dedicated to Candle Making

    Mould is a Thornes "TS32"
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    Dedicated to Candle Making

    I’ve just bought a couple of Abelo candlestick moulds without a hole for the wick to go through. Any suggestions on the best way to make a hole in the mould for a wick?
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    Dedicated to Candle Making

    I’m hoping the wick on this one is right!
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    Dedicated to Candle Making

    The candles burn evenly and don’t spit. I’m trying not to let the wax get much above 70c during processing and the wax has a good aroma.
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    Dedicated to Candle Making

    Have been giving candles a go this year. Think I’m getting there. Does anyone have an opinion on how the wax looks. The wax has been coarse filtered and then gravity used to separate the wax from contaminants.