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    They make really good wine and jam, sloes are best picked after the first frosts:hurray:
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    when they go purple they make quite good jam :)
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    Solar wax extractor

    OMG are they for real???????:smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5: Not sure what planet they live on but it ain't this one:nature-smiley-014:
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    Damn Wasps

    not wasps they kill bees lol:ack2:
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    Damn Wasps

    Rebels Rule ok:party:
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    Damn Wasps

    Hi Guys, Many thanks for all the supportive posts and PM's I'm feeling much better about things now, still not got hold of a new queen but am off to see a man about a bee tomorrow lunchtime. :) I sorted out the bees being upset with blocking off the entrance and they seem to be happier now. I...
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    Damn Wasps

    trying but no joy yet got a couple numbers to try so keeping my fingers crossed :)
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    Damn Wasps

    I did try closing it right down but the bees were really upset by it, so I opened it up a bit for them, won't do that again
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    Damn Wasps

    Thanks for the replies :) I know even with another queen it will be hard for them to get through the winter as they are reduced to only a couple of frames of bees. I don't know what the wasp situation is like in the UK but it's a record year for them here, everybody is complaining about them.
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    Damn Wasps

    Done all you suggested yesterday but moving hive is not an option. When I opened the hive yesterday abbout 20 wasps exited out the top of the hive, no sign of wasps today though so my little bonfire seems to have done the trick.:hurray: What was really annoying is the entrance was closed...
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    Damn Wasps

    Hi guys had a huge setback at the weekend due to that nasty black and yellow bandit, the wasp :mad::smash::smash: My poor little swarm has been really badly attacked and I think they killed the queen and killed loads of the new grubs. As the swam was only little to start this has really done...
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    rhubarb leaves

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    Roof Metal

    due to magpie air raid I now have a torch on felt roof, bees seem quite happy :sifone::D:D
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    and where exactly are you?????????:toetap05::toetap05::toetap05:
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    Senior Moment

    what would the young do without us oldies???:cheers2: