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  • Hi sorry for delay in answering but that message 8th july didnt go to me! locally check out in Baltimore, cork. Keep the bigger suit so you can wear several layers under in case you get a nasty hive one time, Ive heard that a sting can go through a few pair of jeans + ! cheers burren
    Hi Burren
    Didn't realise we had that advantage down here, but hey that's the way things go. Where is the best place to buy beekeeping gear I need to get a smaller suit as I had to get mine a bit quick when the bees moved in and could only get hold of an XL at the time but I would like one that I don't need to belt up to stop the crotch hanging around my knees. I really look a wallybut at least it keeps me safe for now. Thaks for your good wishes.
    Hi Ouardo
    I am beek of two seasons old and live in co clare. I am jealous that you get a better micro climate than we do in co clare! Good luck with your hive.
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