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    Q right

    I get 70-80% acceptance of started cells on a regular basis, and have had as high as 90% many times ( start to finish ). Here is a picture of my cloake board; I use this to easily switch the hive from queen-less to queen right. Here is an excellent link that describes how to use a cloake...
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    Wiring Langstroth Frame

    All we use are Langstroth deeps. We wire them with one wire at the top and one at the bottom and the third going down the middle on the opposite side. These hold up to extracting.
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    Queen cell introduction?

    Actually I'm not assuming. Plenty of beginner beekeepers are not aware of just how important sufficient feed is during all steps of Queen rearing.
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    Queen cell introduction?

    Something over looked; Make sure the Nuc that is getting the Queen cell is well fed. It has been shown, that if the bees feel like they are in a dearth condition they will tear queen cells down.
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    Building nucs -Bee Space question?

    Thanks for the welcome. I try to keep about 300 colonies, it goes up and down. All my boxes are wood. I can't comment on poly, I've never used it.
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    Building nucs -Bee Space question?

    I build my nucs with lots of space on the bottom. When I do my hive inspections and find frames with swarm cells on the bottom I just drop them into the nuc boxes. I don't worry about the cell getting damaged on the bottom of the box because I've made them with lots of room.