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    Bees in my roof

    It might be worth checking your house insurance.
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    There is a chap in a village near us, he practices healing with the dowsing method and has been running his practice for over 40 years. His results are astonishing.
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    I think his point is that if peopl consume honey instead of sugar the conditions he highlights will be avoided. This is about prevention, not cure. Sugar is addictive, is honey as addictive? If we switch to honey and do not consume refined sugars will our desire for sweetness decrease...
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    Varroa treatment of swarms

    Does anyone use a varroa treatment on swarms? I'm thinking wait until eggs are seen and then trickle with Varromed. Opinions?
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    Acetic acid

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Acetic acid

    I am debating using acetic acid to fumigate a hive that failed this winter, I've never used it before. There seems to be 2 ways of going about it: bottom up (pad soaked in acetic acid at the bottom of the stack and between each box in the stack, as directed by Thornes) or top down (stack of...
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    Slightly off topic hive and equipment storage

    Pidgeon control is part of pest control, just something that has to be done.
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    Slightly off topic hive and equipment storage

    Not worth the damage to the roof, it would be unavoidable.
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    Slightly off topic hive and equipment storage

    I have an old barn with a similar problem, the mess is awful and everything needs to be covered to protect it. I use a live trap baited with seed and am slowly catching them. Useless for storing bee kit unless you can clear it and keep it secure. Much cheaper and quicker to buy a shed.
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    Warm way or cold way?

    Someone told me yesterday that warm way can be useful if you have a bad tempered hive. By not touching the frame by the entrance during inspection (it's not going to have any brood in it anyway) not all of the guard bees will be alerted to your intrusion. Having had a 'hive from hell' for a...
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    Big boy - He was an egg last spring.

    We kept bourbon red turkeys for a while. The stag (Tommy) was a horny beast, ready to get fruity with anything and everything, literally. A chap walked across the garden with a large plastic bag, the bag became the centre of Tommys universe and he was desperate to mate with it, the elderly...
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    Sealing a new cedar hive

    I have a couple of cedar boxes that would disagree.... I give my boxes that aren't in use a quick run over with raw linseed oil in the winter. They slurp it up. Hopefully it does them some good, it gets me out of the house and may keep me out of mischief. I also use linseed oil based paints...
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    Any deals on foundation?

    If you are using un-wired foundation, are you doing anything to hold them in place other than pinching them in with the bar at the top? Once the bees start drawing them out they will be fixed in place.
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    Foundation supplier

    No one has mentioned Thornes, any reason?
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    Foundation supplier

    Twiddling my thumbs and working out how much foundation I hope to need this year. Would anyone care to recommend suppliers to use and those to avoid? What do the bees prefer, if given a choice?