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    How much bakers fondant to leave on?

    Hi, my local apiary lays strips of fondant across the tops of the frames which i tried last year. It worked ok ish but when i tried to administer oxalic acid by dribbling it in the seams any remaining fondant had to be scraped off first. Bit messy, and awkward if bees are feeding on it so this...
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    Wild comb -- best way to deal with it

    Is the comb stuck to the underside of the crown board? If so i had a similar prob earlier on. perhaps mine were not quite so bad as they did have brood in the brood box. I made sure the q was in the bb then put a q excluder between bb and super. Then just waiting for the brood to emerge. I have...
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    Queens: to clip or not? that is the question.

    I did not clip in my first year and lost a swarm followed by a second cast swarm. mostly due to inexperience on my part. However unlike the books which say the swarm will land on a nearby gate post, mine always go as high up a tree as they can get. Last year clipped my queens and although i did...
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    What happens in a Demareed colony?

    Thanks Finman and Oliver. Always found you both very helpful. Nuc
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    Nuc to re-queen

    When uniting with newspaper does the q- colony make emergency cells immediately or does the new q's scent get through the paper? I presume a check for q cells after 5 or 6 days is a good idea or do they tear them down by themselves when the newspaper has gone?
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    What happens in a Demareed colony?

    Hi Yorkshirebees, if you do not leave any brood with the queen, does it not make absconding or swarming more likely or have you not found this to be an issue. Also read how some folk prefer foundation in lower bb where as others say only drawn comb will do. Surely foundation is nearer to what a...
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    AS not worked swarmed today!

    hi, just to clarify, with a demaree should you leave 1 or 2 frames of brood with the queen and make the frames up with foundation or have i got it wrong. Only asking as i want to try demaree this year. Many thanks, Nuc
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    combine or not?

    Thankyou dr stitson for your consideration but please dont jump to conclusions. They were indeed in polynucs to start but reached the stage where i had no alternative but to put into full brood boxs. Absolutely crammed in with all 6 14x12's full of brood and stores. They even started making...
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    combine or not?

    Thankyou all. Will wait till spring. 8/9 frames of drawn comb with stores and any brood they have. Neither busting with bees but nice small colonies which were made up late summer as part of swarm control. They have done ok but not had enough time to fill the bb completely, though too big for...
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    combine or not?

    Hi, been thinking of combining two hives,both similar size (8/9 frames)but not full brood box's. One colony is prone to rob others so would do away with their Q and combine with newspaper. Am i too late this year or is it still possible if the bees are not clustering during the day? Also if i...
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    Rapid 4 pint feeder

    Over the last 3 winters (my entire beekeeping life) i have fed syrup with small 2 pint rapids, home made contact feeders, bought 1 gallon contact feeders and a home made ashforth feeder without any problems. This year i bought some 4 pint rapids of the type you commonly see for sale but found...
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    How soon to clip

    How soon after starting to lay can I clip and mark a new queen? I have managed to get 3 nucs mated and laying and would like to re queen a large colony with a nuc. I would rather try to find and identify hm prior to combining. Many thanks, nuc
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    Moving bees

    Many thanks Enrico. This is the first year i have split to make nucs (3) and all have started to lay after 3.5 weeks at the same time. Think i might celebrate somehow, maybe beer. Cheers.
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    Moving bees

    Hi again, I have a spare nuc at present which a chap down the road has expressed an interest in. He is about 1.5/2 miles away. If he has the bees will stuffing grass in the entrance for 24 hours make them re orientate or will they come home? Or other suggestions please. Thanks, nuc.
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    Suits you

    Hi all, think I need a new suit. Old one has fencing veil which is ok but wondered if the round hat type are better or worse? Any good reasons which please or just personal preference. Thanks, nuc.