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    Nuc transport

    Get a feeder on them , wait for a warm day to swap into the hive. I'm only a few miles away and bees flying happily. Best of luck with the new hobby.
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    Overwintered nucs price

    Tony , have you settled on a price? Thanks.
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    Oxalic acid sublimation vs trickling

    Having tried trickling , maqs , apilife etc and now the vaporiser for the first time ; converted to the vaporiser. Easy to use , easy on the bees and very effective on the mites.
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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Cheers, but i travel weekly from England to Tyrone.
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    Hi, what have you left? Looking to have some reserves after losses last year. Thanks.
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    Bees Flying in January

    Same story in Tyrone. Two hives very busy all day. Both fine for stores. You're welcome to Mc Carthy, it's Sam we're after.