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    Frame storage.

    Nice and organised that! Do you label up which hives they come from or do you not worry about that? I ask as I know some try to use the same supers/frames with teh same hives.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Visited my furthest apiary today. Fed three hives with 3kg sugar each ~4.5litres. Third feeding visit and looks like it could be the last for feeding. Plenty of stores and patches of brood observed, didn't look much further than that as do not wish to risk damaging her majesty. Looking nice and...
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    Feeding Bees – Why? When? Where? How?

    As a fairly neutral observer I will say this about your suggestion for people to stay away from the forum. This forum is the best beekeeping forum I have found and for that I will never stop visiting it to gleam useful tips and information, however on the flip side it is also the most hostile...
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    Bees refusing syrup

    A couple of years ago I was much less organised and more fearful of the temperature so used much less syrup and more fondant. I do think that if you can, syrup is the way to go; price for me, ease for the bees.
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    Bees refusing syrup

    Although firmly in the hobbyist category, I do try to be efficient, that just seems barmy. For my garden bees I do have smaller feeders but I do intend to upgrade to bigger ones when I next go crazy in a sale (I have resisted this year but think next year it will be unavoidable).
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    Bees refusing syrup

    I just upgraded my out apiary to english feeders (I know bigger ones are available but these were very cheap in the sales last year) , I couldn't imagine having a 600g feeder. Some of my hives have gone through 2kg of sugar in a day.
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    Too late to Merge?

    Hang on, you have treatment on too? That can put the queen off lay too. So if i were you I would be 100% certain before making any drastic decisions. It is hard to 'do nothing' but sometimes that is the right thing to do for a period.
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    How to stop invasion of wasps

    As you have ruled out moving the hives you could try one thing many have had success with which to insert a piece of conduit into the entrance to create a tunnel. Apparently wasps are not keen on walking down said tunnel so the bees find it easier to defend.
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    Winter Prep

    I use an old pop bottle, add a bag of sugar then the water (boiled in kettle) and shake shake shake. Works well for me as a small batch. Added bonus is its already in the container to take to the hive.
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    Honey price

    That's a leap :ROFLMAO:
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    Preferred fuel for smoker

    I use a mix of wood shavings, twigs, card, egg box, whatever I can get my hands on really, but I do not put anything in with tape on etc so if using an old cardboard box I remove all tape. Also, if I find something gives off a unpleasant odour or makes me cough I stop using it as figure it cant...
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    Current trends in mite treatment

    Great thanks for the feedback. It seems a lot less hassle than carrying a car battery around and keeping it healthy. Cheaper too as i would need a battery and a charger!
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    Current trends in mite treatment

    They look convenient. How long do they last? I have 7 hives currently I don't really want to have to recharge it before I have treated all hives on any given day if its avoidable - mind you, I dont know how long a car battery would last either :)
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    Current trends in mite treatment

    Mainly that its iffy for the beekeeper - explosion / inhalation, they don't really say anything either way on effectiveness.
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    Current trends in mite treatment

    I used apiguard last year but an trying apilife var this year - saves using an eke. I want to try oxalic acid vap - I have the main bit of kit but no battery or oxalic acid crystals. Have been looking for a guide / video as the guys in my local BKA seem a bit anti it so not aware of anyone to...