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    Buyer beware

    Could you advise supplier please
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    p*ynes contact number

    Just for information, I placed an order last monday by telephone and was told there would be a short delay as they had had a lot of orders placed over the weekend. Goods arrived first thing thursday morning. Was told they only emal on the day of dispatch. Previous order placed on a friday and...
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    smoker treatment

    Yes, but not from your local diy shop and not in small quantities
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    Wrecked hive full of Bees What next !

    Maybe a stupid question but what does kiss principle mean
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    Channel 4 news

    Story on BBC News website also. Tried to post a link but unable to do so.
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    T's winter online sale

    Can anybody with experience of the winter sale comment on how long delivery normally takes?
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    Apiguard and feeding

    Hi. Am getting conflicting advice about feeding syrup while treating with apiguard and would welcome your comments. I was picking plums today in an orchard next my apiary and noticed many bees feeding on the fruit, is this normal and does it mean that they are short of other sources of food?
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    Clearer boards made cheap.

    Want to have a go at making these, what size wood is the batten around the outside of the board and could you use 6mm ply? Where do you source your mesh from?
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    Bees on a budget

    Hi Does anybody have any experience of or purchased any of the the "bees on a budget " equipment offered by Thornes. Is it worth considering for a novice looking to set up?