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    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    Hi Eric, as Swarm says it is like the Kewl floor. I don't have a photo but the vertical section is 7mm wide and the horizontal section narrows from about 40mm at the front of the hive to 7mm where it meets the vertical section. This gives you a sloping landing board for the bees. Next time I...
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    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    My UFE's are not quite like JBM's as I do not have a deep entrance but a narrow 90 degree bend at the bottom of the vertical section. This I believe is not a manoeuvre mice can make.
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    Business Insider - honey dangerous unless pasteurised

    Or of course with a whisky 😀
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    The Brynmair slant on the Dartington Underfloor entrance

    My first underfloor entrances were Kewl type floors with 7mm "L" shaped entrances but these were not good if the bees didn't clear corpses during the winter as the entrances could get blocked. (Angled length of dowsing rod clears them a treat 😂) my later ones have angled landing boards with an...
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    When to stop syrup

    I fed some of my hives with fondant directly onto the top bars which they stored. I'm now feeding using takeaway containers above the crownboard in a pocket within a 2" deep piece of PIR. I then place another layer of PIR over the top. The pocket is well insulated and warm and the bees come...
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    The Brynmair slant on the Dartington Underfloor entrance

    Yes Dani would need a bloody great sponge to plug up the gap Lawrence had on the base of his last floors 😄
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    The Brynmair slant on the Dartington Underfloor entrance

    That was my thought for transportation!
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    Bee trees

    I'm sure you would be very welcome Fritillery, but you would need to bring you own rods as I'm very possesive about mine!
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    Country file / oil seed rape and Buck wheat .

    Ah, they thought about that, they mowed them all down before they fruited and the M25 opened. I managed to remove quite a few plants to my garden tho. 😄
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    Country file / oil seed rape and Buck wheat .

    I worked on the construction of M25 jct11-12 section, we had a wide central reservation at that time and the contractor ran short of topsoil to place there. In the end they put "Thames Grow" which is Thames Water's human slurry. We had a great crop of tomatoe plants that summer 😄
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Interesting concept, something I think I will try. Another job for the closed season 😄. I don't think I'll have a problem with the spacing as I use castellations in my brood box so I can set the slats up with that.
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    TBH I wouldn't use my thicknesser with anything but virgin wood as I value my machine too much. I've seen what damage a nail can do on a commercial machine so I'd hate to see what it would do to mine 😱
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    Watching Mike Palmer at NHS 😊

    If you log into the main page, go to agenda, it comes up with each days progamme. You can then tap on the lecture you want to watch. They don't all start immediately so use the slide at the bottom to move to the start of the talk.
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    Beekeeping Robots?

    Out of boredom I tapped on the members tab at the top of the page to find that there appear to be a lot of Robots very interested in beekeeping, are we going to be made redundant in a brave new world or are they purely mining information? Isn't technology wonderful? 😄