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    Data Protection

    I think you're entirely justified in that expectation. While they can point to the individual who is also liable, I'm surprised they aren't grovelling to everyone whose data they've lost.
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    Data Protection

    If you can establish that your personal data has been compromised then you might have a case. As a current employee, your wife's employer could reasonably be expected to need to know and store somewhere her bank details and other related information such as her address . They are responsible for...
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    Avon courses (Bath, Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare and everywhere in between)

    Update time! Beginners Bristol's course still commences on the 25th January, and runs over three consecutive Saturdays. Total cost of the course is £60 Basic Assessment Blagdon's course commencing 14th January runs over 7 alternate Tuesdays from Kenn Village hall. Module 1 Blagdon Association...
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    Avon courses (Bath, Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare and everywhere in between)

    We are running the following courses: Beginners Bath: Are Running a beginners course but I don't know the dates. Bristol: starts on the 25th January Blagdon:Are running a beginners course but I don't know the dates Basic Assessment Blagdon: Are running a course for those wishing to take the...
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    So what was your Module Exam like

    I invigilated this year. decided I was having a year off from exams and assessments. Interesting experience to be on the other side for a change :)
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    Nov BBKA Exams

    no idea, why would anyone go to school, let alone university?
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    brood comb

    Elmandy. You're a little late to be trying to get bees this year, but if you'd like to get in touch I can see if I can either help or put you in contact with someone within Bristol who might like to help next year. Regards Neil Bristol Beekeepers.
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    Less people joining our Beekeeping Course

    Indeed. We lay on education events, as we're kind of obliged to as an educational charity, for people who are interested in learning about beekeeping with no pressure to take exams or assessments. The qualified bit (as much as you can be in beekeeping) relates to those who want to lead in...
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    Less people joining our Beekeeping Course

    Davnig, I think in both Bristol and Bath we've been relatively rubbish at blowing our own trumpets until the last couple of years. Bath, especially, is starting to do some really good things at the moment and you've got some excellent Beekeepers driving things forward. Bristol is starting to...
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    Less people joining our Beekeeping Course

    We've not started to push our 2014 course but we still had strong attendance (35+) in our beginners course last year. The take up after that point is obviously much lower. Across the rest of Avon there have been some signs that the bubble is, if not bursting then, starting to deflate.
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    Editing a MOV file

    IMovie is pretty good at this, does take a little bit of getting used to initially but it's a pretty shallow learning curve and there are some good tutorial vids on the Apple website to get you started. It comes with the ILife Package which I think is/used to be included when you buy a Mac but...
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    If you post photos - BE AWARE !

    A lot of photo hosting sites do give the option to remove meta data from the photos hosted on them which is also something to bear in mind.
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    BBKA book list updated

    All change then :) I couldn't find a copy anywhere outside our association library when I looked last year. I will admit to hating eBay with a passion though which is perhaps why I couldn't find one. Though is that a proper paperback or a hokey scan printed out?
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    Has the bubble burst?

    I don't think it's burst but it definitely feels like its slowly deflating. We're seeing a lot of churn as well in terms of membership but still had a lot of interest in the beginners course. I think the economic climate is playing a part as well, while you can "do" beekeeping on the cheap it...
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    BBKA book list updated

    Dan, If you can find a copy of Snodgrass' Anatomy of the Honeybee available outside of an association library I'll be impressed. The best I could find was a print of a scan from a third party via tax dodg...Amazon. Stell's book on the same subject is excellent though and costs the same from...