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    Wish me luck

    The bees are here Well I did it Peterborough to Ashwater in Devon with a very full hive on the back seat. We all arrived safe with only one small issue. When I went to pick them up there was 2 bees that had not got back in time so were effectively locked out. No issue I thought as 2 out how...
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    Wish me luck

    Well its 3:34 in the morning on the day that I am collecting my first hive of bees and I am n ot sure if it's the excitement of getting started on what I hope is years of pleasure or the fact i am going to share 5 hours in a car with thousands of bees and the thought of them escaping is scaring...
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    Change of home for my bees

    Thanks I will give it a go in a couple of weeks
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    Change of home for my bees

    Hi not sure what the new hive will be until friday as there are several types. Yes I suppose I would end up with two hives but only one queen so that would not work too well would it.
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    Change of home for my bees

    Hi I want to do a false swarm and relocate the bees to a different make of hive does anybody know if this can be done? If so. What's the best way?
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    Change of hive type

    Hi Does anybody have any advice on how I could do a false swarm and change the type of hive? I want to move a Polly hive to a beehause Cheers bee-smillie
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    hedge laying

    How old does a hedge need to be to be laid I have a few hedges some years old and others brand new well 2 years old and about 1m high. I would love to have them laid but I want the finished Hight to be 2.5m is this possible?
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    Solar extractor tray metal?

    Hi stainless is the best metal as it is becoming an essential food contact material in most sectors of the food industry you would ideally use a type classed as 316 however you could get away with 304 this type of stainless is magnetic. Industry is/has moved away from aluminium as it is...
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    New to bee keeping, Ashwater in Devon

    Hi I have and they run at the weekends only so I am geographically out of synch
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    New to bee keeping, Ashwater in Devon

    Hi I am new to this and rightly or wrongly will be getting a hive of bees in a couple of weeks time. I work away from home in the week so only here at weekends. I would like to do a course on bee keeping but all courses are run when I am out of the local area. I have read a few books but...