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    Back Pain

    Best option is to get the ground around the hives sorted/level/raised/lowered. If doing that doesn't ruin your back you can then create a firm platform to work from if the supers get too high. Even if you have the lifting height set right, if the ground is uneven then you are going to do some...
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    Painful Sting this Weekend

    l anyone else got any funny Bee keeping related anecdotes ?? Not sure if it bee related, but I was out for a walk this weekend and saw a guy running round a field , dressed as a spaceman, swearing like a trooper and looked like he was trying to set fire to his backside! Weird some folks!
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    Swarms of 'angry' killer Asian hornets heading to Britain

    Relaxed a bit when I got to the point where the OP said " According to the Daily Mail" - flipping immigrant insects coming over here takin our bees!
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    Extracted Honey - not what? - filter? - any tips?

    Sounds good. It goes through the filter much easier if it is warm!. Just remember to keep an eye on bucket levels or you will join the rest of us in the " oh bugger fetch a cloth quickly " club.
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    How to correct soft set honey

    If it set right initially it probably just needs to be put somewhere cool for a while rather than adding more rape to the mix?
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    Hollowed out bumble bees?

    Not sure about your problem but you are currently in first place in the most intriguing title competition! Thought it was some sort of Eco friendly , low cost housing initiative.
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    How calm is calm?

    With most animals if you are calm they will generally be calm too, there are always some exceptions to every rule. If your partner has full confidence in their protective suit ( and under layer) then your partner will be happy and will also enjoy the experience more. Aim to inspect when the bees...
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    Washing Powder

    I was always of the opinion that "young Albert" was very hard done by!
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    Washing Powder

    I dont see what the fuss is all about. I find that if I just leave it in a heap by the back door the next time I come to use it the local pixies have cleaned it/ironed it and put it away. Never noticed any reaction to whichever brand of pixie dust is being used at the time!
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    14 x 12 on brood and a shallow

    I use 14x12 and have had a full super of stores on each hive for the last 2 winters and they have used most of it. The stores were gathered themselves as we get plenty of late forrage so not a problem if they don't use it all. I use wooden hives by the way.
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    Sugar Sugar !

    They need a whack round the back of the head with a 2 m length of 3"x 2"
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    colony extraction from loft

    Find an assistant who is keen to gain some experience and get them to pass all the bits down through the loft hatch to you.
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    Requeening as standard???

    Are there any factors that make them feisty, such a nearby late osr going over
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    Queen outside hive dead ?

    Respect! :icon_204-2:
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    What to do after splitting hives

    If there is only 2 hives and you have the room why not move them both by a foot or so each and achieve the gap in one go?