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  1. moby

    12 x 14 not big enough

    Thanks all glad to know I am not on my own, was advised to use brood to boost weaker colonies which I suppose makes sense in certain circumstances
  2. moby

    12 x 14 not big enough

    Is anybody on 12 x 14 brood box finding that it is not big enough for brood expansion and is having add a super to compensate?
  3. moby

    12x14 prototype basic observation hive

    mmmm good point could knock up a housing to accomodate 1 x frame to fit fit on the roof ???
  4. moby

    12x14 prototype basic observation hive

    I was thinking along the lines of trapping the queen on the first frame??? with a QE seperating the rest??
  5. moby

    Bird Box Bumble Bee call out

    Have had 9 calls about bees 4 of which were bumbles going in and out of nesting boxes, 2 of bumbles going into the breeze block of houses and 1 miner bee and 2 actual swarms.... I am starting to doubt the people are SUPPOSED to check in the website before contacting a swarm catcher
  6. moby

    12x14 prototype basic observation hive

  7. moby

    Frame of eggs & mixed brood

    Thanks for the advice, will give it a bash
  8. moby

    Frame of eggs & mixed brood

    I wish to donate a mixed frame of eggs and brood to a queenless colony... I need to transport this from one site to another which is aproximately 2 miles, How long can a frame of eggs & brood be out of a hive before their viability is comprimised (considering that the frame will be transported...
  9. moby

    Swarm collector list

    Yep talking to other local beekeepers theyve had a lot of calls about 'bees in bird boxes' and aggressive too I have removed 3 this past week so far and got stung on the nose for my efforts
  10. moby

    Removing a swarm during the day

    After knocking the swarm into nuc or skep I always smoke the area that the swarm was found on to hide the residue pheromones.... seems to work and you dont have to wait long for all the stragglers to find their way to their new accommodation...
  11. moby

    Supers Empty

    Thanks for all the suggestions it will give me something to ponder... Things are getting pretty congested in the hives and they have built up nicely despite being too cold to start filling the supers the OSR in the next week or 2 will be coming to an end and field bean is coming into bloom in...
  12. moby

    Supers Empty

    Is there any way I can encourage one of my hives to start using the super to store nectar/honey instead of the brood box.... The QE is the same one which I had used for the same hive last year... The weather hasn't been great which has caused them to remain in the brood box but now that it is...
  13. moby

    Moving hives ...pulling the pin...

    I moved my hives 1.5 miles at the start of the warm weather in March to a farmers field OSR in one and field bean in the next with no returns to the original site much to my relief Now its too cold... all that potential and not the weather to work it
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    worried after inspection :(

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    My chooks and bees seem to get on havn't had any problems yet