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  • Thanks for your reply Heather. I put two bigger boxes over the two holes in crown board, As Charles Keen advised. I made holes in base of boxes and then tried to locate over the holes in board. As advised to do. That is when it all went a bit wrong !! I was not sure if the box holes were over the board holes ! As there was fondant around by the board holes there were bees on the board. Sadly a few of them got squashed when trying to get the boxes in the right place. I got it all back as best I could. I then wondered if the dead bees will have given out pheromones to say they had died ? More importantly would the other bees then not come up into the boxes cos the message was "if you come up here you may die !!" Maybe I should have just put the fondant on top of the frames ? as some beekeepers do ? Can you tell that I am a newbee ! lol Happy New Year, from Mike
    The fondant wont go solid in the ice cream tubs if mostly enclosed and just some access for the bees via a hole in the lid- or you can clingfilm it leaving a gap. Then place over coverboard holes- pushing some through onto the frames to entice the bees towards it.prepare it all well and uncover the bees for as short a time as pos. iIf snow continues- put something in front of front opening to stop snow glare or they will think sunny and venture out- and die!
    Thanks for that- will ring them - my 5 frame Nuc (Park beekeeping) is solid floor making me uneasy.As newish to beekeeping I am all OMF - will explore that site
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