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    Swarm return to hive (twice!)

    Hi Roachman, I suspect that has happened - anyway i have split the hive; moving 2 frames of brood and another of food to a nuc hive. I couldnt spot the queen this time so hopefully the hives will raise a replacement. This is only my second year so a steep learning curve :-)
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    Swarm return to hive (twice!)

    Not sure. About to look and then i guess i need to split the hive. Old queen to nuc?
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    Swarm return to hive (twice!)

    My hive has swarmed twice (today and yesterday) but on each occasion returned to hive. I did add a super last night and thought i had removed all extra queen cells as I have a new queen. Any advice ASAP!!!! - i have spare nuc hive as a resource Minch