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    Honey stirrer for drill?

    how about this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Egg-beater-plaster-paint-mixer-paddle-/261044299604?pt=UK_DIY_Material_Paint_Varnish_MJ&hash=item3cc773e754#ht_500wt_1156 if the link doesn't show up search for Egg beater plaster paint mixer paddle on fleabay
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    Quitting smoking - e-cigs???

    i think your right about the mindset, i gave up smoking 6 or 7 years ago i went cold turkey because i was fed up of the smell, the taste and especially the amount of money i was spending on fags so i got it into my head that i had to stop all together not cut down because i've seen every1 cut...
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    Quitting smoking - e-cigs???

    just read the labels on some of the e cigs because some contain the same ingredients as anti freeze which can't be that good to inhale
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    Advice required re:neighbours (again!)

    haha they must be monsters, us plotholders are a strange breed no1 bats an eyelid round here we are more concerned about the filthy robbing smackheads and little sh1ts trashing the allotments rather than complaining about beneficial insects
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    bees and pesticides on countryfile

    wow, maybe i should have started this thread in off topic chat lol
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    bees and pesticides on countryfile

    might be of some interest Adam Henson visits Renishaw Hall stately home in Derbyshire, planting red grapevines in the vineyards, while Tom Heap investigates a link between certain pesticides and a significant decline in bee numbers
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    And whilst we're on about it.....

    yes but i'm also flicking through websites:biggrinjester:
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    And whilst we're on about it.....

    haha i wish, r lass does the same, i know it winds mi mam up summat chronic when mi dad does it at their house
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    And whilst we're on about it.....

    i have a special device i like to call 'the remote' and whenever adverts come on i simply change the chanel
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    My home made KTBH

    i made my tbh from 18mm ply and it is doing very well, overwintered with only 50mm polystyrene in the roof space.
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    Foundation too big?

    :iagree: pipped me to it, my old joinery tutor taught us that if you cut your wood too big it was ok its when you cut it too small then theres a problem
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    bees on countryfile tonight

    as per title, can't remember whats going to be shown just remember them being mentioned last week, i bet someone says they're all dying out though
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    Hello and help please!

    i personally wouldn't bother buying a skep if you are happy to use a national and you don't mind waiting for the bees to take up residence i would just set a national up as a bait hive then it would save messing about transferring the bees from 1 hive to another and also save a bit of money, try...