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    I'm Not Complaining.... but...

    Is his car white?
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    Need help reguarding Bee diseases.

    Mike a hi. Not a problem at all, i enjoy it. yes i have lost quite a few hives this year. But this one is the only one that was lost this way. the rest from what i gathered were from CCD. CCD has arrived in Iran last year in huge numbers. It started from the west of Iran and worked it's way...
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    Need help reguarding Bee diseases.

    Hi Rooftops. Thanks so much for your help so far. i understand the difficulty in saying what happened when not seeing the actual hive, but thanks again. I should not have had a varroa problem since my stats show no sign of varroa for this hive through out last year, and have used Bayvarol strips...
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    Need help reguarding Bee diseases.

    Mike a. Thanks for your comment. previously i describde the smell, the whole hive smells mouldy, the honey i do not know i will have to check and let you know. the interesting part you asked about is that i did not feed my bees before winter. they had enough stores, so there could not be a high...
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    Need help reguarding Bee diseases.

    yes not that much brood in the frames, the bees are all dead with their heads in the cells which is a sign of starvation, there was mould on 2 of the frames, the stuff you replied about at the bottom of the hive is water which should not be there,,, the honey is not crystalized and is still...
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    Need help reguarding Bee diseases.

    You asked if i could upload the pics from the troubled hive, Just wanted to say they've been uploaded to the forums album under Matthew's Disease. I could Add that when i opened to take the pics i found that the hive had gone cold and no bees were alive anymore. I guess I didn't have a good...
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  15. Matthew's disease

    Matthew's disease

    For you who asked to see the pictures of my troubled hive.