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    Hi, any nucs available in Nottingham?? I know I'm cutting it close :-(
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    Wellie advice

    Hunter all the time :-)
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    I've been searching the Internet and books but can't seem to find the answer. There are lots of pictures of colonies that have starved with bees in cells, but ... When a colony starts to starve what happens to the eggs and brood? Surely it is self preservation and the eggs are the last things...
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    2012 BBKA membership card

    Does it just come through the post? Do they remind you about the renewal? I'm not had a renewal before.
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    Spring watch is here!

    Kate isn't doing spring watch or lambing live as she is doing something about volcanos. Starts early July 9th I think :-)
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    i pad and the forum

    I use tapatalk too :-)
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    replacing baxi gas lpg boiler - advice on costs

    I would think it's down to a few things. How long do you want to live there for? How much of an easy life do you want? How much money do you have? I would fit a Worcester boiler, it is probably the cheapest option. Run around 90% efficient as long as you get the right kw for the house. Dont...
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    Kenwood to cream

    Depends how old it is. I have a 1950's model which has upgraded electrics but is still no good at slow speed. (it smokes). 600d models have this known fault
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    Where can i get Top Soil for a good price in Notts?

    I got five tones from a company in yellow pages (Nottingham) and it is rubbish. Full of glass. Sandy so never holds water. I now find it easier, when driving around to look for people having driveways or extensions and a skip full of normally better top soil than companies provide. It's normally...
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    I'm finding out the hard way about bullying. I hatched some four weeks ago and everything was going well until I checked up on Friday to find the smallest had been pecked to an inch of her life! She has been isolated and has made a big improvement but it was disturbing finding a quail which...
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    Thornes ????

    You can't miss the guy From farndon. Go down the a46 from Newark. Just enter farndon and he's on the right. Normally has a sign near the road saying hives for sale. House number 90 or 92.
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    Thornes ????

    Try www.localhoney.co.uk. They sell the budget hive and have them in stock. Derby isn't too far from Lincoln.
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    Bees Drowning With Internal Feeder

    No they haven't. No instruction yet!! Just wish I'd read this thread before ordering two!!
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    It's raining hard

    Rain?? What's rain??
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    bee suits

    I got my dad one for Christmas and cost about £40. The material isn't as thick but it does the job. Just waiting to see how long it lasts Mark