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    Sugar syrup strength and it's influence on wax production

    As drex mentioned above, Randy Oliver ran tests where it showed they drew as much with 2:1 as 1:1. I’ve been feeding heavy syrup to 2 nucs in the hope they’ll fill out an extra brood box for winter, last I checked they...
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    Best Poly Nuc for a new Beekeeper

    Does anyone know if the Abelo nuc parts fit the bs or maisemore nucs?
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    Moving Nucs -3miles

    So I have moved this nuc to my home which is almost exactly 3 miles, left a nuc in the old spot but had no returning foragers. This hive has now been in the new spot for over a week, so do I need to let it stay here for another 2 (I read somewhere 3 weeks) before moving to the new location...
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    Poly nucs bees have eaten holes to the feeder compartments

    I noticed the other day some bees in one of the compartments when I went to feed, only way through I could see was under the separation insert, so think they have chewed the bottom. I have some wire mesh lining the channels they feed from as I had some drowned bees, this was the only one I...
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    OA sublimation - WBCs and Polyhives

    I have a cheap pan/wand which I used last year on my only hive but have more this year and some poly nucs. I was considering making a contraption to fit under the floor but have just bought a Gas Vap attachment with poly hive extension, hoping this is going to make things a lot easier. Got it...
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    Moving Nucs -3miles

    Thank you for such a detailed response. I have decided to move them to my garden for 3 weeks from tonight then up to the new spot, I had hoped to do it in one go but feel this is probably the safest way not to lose foragers. it’s getting busy with bees in the garden and felt I was at capacity...
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    Moving Nucs -3miles

    Really helpful, thank you
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    Moving Nucs -3miles

    I have been researching and have lots of conflicting advice. I need to move a nuc about a mile. They have a new laying queen about 2 weeks now (1). Plan is to move in evening and leave in nuc for 72hrs (2), put branches in front of hive when I open and place old nuc in old spot for old foragers...
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    AZ Hives in Beeshed

    The frames are different, they have concave tops and bottoms which sit on metal rods so there are only 6 small points to propolise. The bees propolise the door frame but not the mesh, I did read why somewhere but can’t remember now. I’ll update if I find it. In Slovenia, where the AZ...
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    Bee,s in a shed
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    Heather 2021

    This is only my second year so not been thinking much about heather honey and colonies are small but bees have been really busy last week and noticed this on my morning walk, hills less than a mile from hives! Just put Apivar on so guess I timed that wrong, will leave the heather honey for the...
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    Chalk brood genetics question

    This is the daughter (being removed) of my last CB queen. First year the mother had signs in Spring but it improved as the season went on. This year, her second year, was all Spring through into Summer, split to a nuc and requeened with her daughter who seemed good at first but started...
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    Northumberland Honey Queens

    Sorry, my reply got merged with your question above... I had an AMM Q from them but she disappeared (?) and on the first inspection after acceptance, I found emergency cells. The daughter (who I have yet to see) is really productive but it's not my calmest colony. I planned to combine with...
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    AZ Hives in Beeshed

    It is fully insulated and damp proofed and I added extra vents, so heat fluctuation not so extreme maybe.