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    Beekeeping suits

    Thanks for all your help everyone - we're looking into it as we speak. And as new-bees (couldn't resist!) are suits generally sting proof? We have heard that they can sting through our gloves?
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    Beekeeping suits

    Hi folks, looking for advice on beesuits. Just starting off on project'bee' and as yet do not have a beesuit. The chap who hived our swarm for us was wearing Sherrif, full overall. Looked really good and I thought the continuation of fabric up the back of the head was essential especially as...
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    Hive painting

    Colourful Bees! Hi there! Im new to beekeeping and we wateched our bees march into their hive this morning! All very exciting! We plan on adding another hive or 2 but I was wondering if the bees would object to their new homes being painted bright colours?