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    Blackmore Vale Honey wanted

    Hello, I'm looking to buy honey from Gillingham / surrounding area please? Thanks, Louise
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    Wanted - Honey from Gillingham (Dorset) area

    Hello I'm looking to buy honey by the bucket from beekeepers in the Gillingham, Dorset area please? I will come and collect and usually take 2 or 3 buckets at a time. Please message me, thanks. Louise
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    Looking for honey made in the Gillingham area (Dorset)

    Hello Are there any beekeepers in the Gillingham (Dorset) area with honey to sell by the bucket please? Thanks, Louise
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    Wanted - South West Honey

    Hello Chipper Sorry I missed your reply somehow. I hope you had a good summer with your bees. It was a great crop here but I still need to buy some. Are you still possibly able to help? If so, can you let me know details of what you have available? Thanks! Louise
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    Hello from Frome, Somerset

    I've been an enthusiastic beekeeper for 3 years and am just starting up my honey business. Everyone says I'm mad and I'll never make any money, but I have a background in marketing and I'm on a mission to try and get as much British honey into British tummies as possible. So, I'm looking to...
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    Wanted - South West Honey

    I'm looking to buy honey from Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Avon. Does anyone have any left from last year? 30lb buckets or larger would be good. I can pick up. :thanks:Thanks!