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    Keeping bees warm

    I've just been reading simon kerr's post + will try some insulation - Th....s or B.. !
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    Keeping bees warm

    Last year we had thick ice all Nov, then snow Dec - end of March. It was cold. I wonder then about putting polystyrene round the outside or hessian. I take on board that the bubblewrap won't allow the hive to breathe + could cause Nosema problems. I had an omf last year, this year I have an omf...
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    Keeping bees warm

    I'm up in the Shropshire Hills and last year I lost a colony in winter - they died on full stores. It was heartbreaking cleaning them out. A committee member of my local association said that they had had reports of a number of colonies in the uplands that froze on the frames, not waking to feed...
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    Moving Hives

    Thanks Well, errr, thanks for clearing that one up then - Wow :party:
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    Moving Hives

    I want to move my hives no more than about 500m from their present site. When is the best time to do this to avoid having to move them more than 5 miles, wait 6 weeks, do the hokey cokey, etc. Thanks.
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    This years "Cock Up's"

    Expensive D'Oh I found a swarm whilst out walking in the rain. Husband, not chuffed with a skep of bees in the barn, (where the kids bikes are), went out early next morning and bought, yes BOUGHT a shiny new brood box, Q ex, omf & roof :ack2: The bees were fiendish, real devils, so when I saw 1...
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    daily mortality??

    Hi, Happy New Year. I've been knee deep in snow for 11 days here now, with the temperature at -2 today, (we have had -6), and never getting above about +2 over the whole Christmas period. I have seen q a few dead bods on the omf, the girls aren't throwing them out - I haven't seen them taking...
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    How long can winter syrup be stored for?

    Thanks - I have got some candy/fondant from a bee suppliers. Freezing the syrup also sounds like a good idea - Ta :-)
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    How long can winter syrup be stored for?

    I made a job lot of syrup about 6 weeks ago, used some in the feeder and stored the rest in glass bottles with screw top lids, (yup, the Jacob's Creek variety seem to work well!) :cheers2: Anyway, the bees have completely taken the syrup and they are still flying in the sunshine, so will 6 week...
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    Diseases and Pests

    The photos and information are really useful, it must have taken a lot of time to put together. Thank you :)
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    Mentor Wanted Midlands - Welsh Boarders

    Hi, is there anyone who could talk to me about over wintering my bees?
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    Baker's Fondant

    I've noticed that Silver Spoon do a dry ready mix of fondant icing - ingredients are dried glucose syrup and icing sugar. It probably works out as expensive, especially if you have a number of hives, at 95p for 500g. But, would this do any harm to have as a store cupboard back up? I've never...
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    Where Is Everyone?

    Where am I? Do I come here often? I'm also in the midlands, but over on the left a bit - on the Welsh Boarders. So pleased that it's been hot and sunny dahnn sarff, and that folk have been basking in the sunshine oop north, coz it's been a bog-awful summer over here. I fed my bees at the end...
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    Late June gap & Bracken Spraying

    I've got 2 questions here: 1 - We've had 2 and a half weeks of B..awful weather. My new pckage were a couple of months old, putting down new brood, egg cells, pollen and some stores etc nicely, (just like in the book and as discussed at the newbeeks meeting! :hat: ) Well, after near constant...
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    Heather flow

    groused Non-grouse moor I'm afraid!