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    storing supers wet

    How can one store supers wet . If sealed top and bottom would they not get moody. Regards. Liam C
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    Mesh for hive floor

    Jimy , mesh can be bought at B&Q but it is very expensive.
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    Introducing new queen to existing Q+ hive.

    Hi All, I intend to give two of my hives new bought mated queens as soon the queens come available. My idea is to give my 6 hives a new queen every year. I will have to kill or make use of the existing queens so I would like to know, when l get rid of the old queen, how long do l wait until l...
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    Last years fondant

    Thanks to all for your help, good to know l wont have to throw it out. Liam C
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    Last years fondant

    Hi All. I have about 5klgs of fondant l bought last year but it got very hard since l used it last . Is there anything l can do to make it edible again for the bees. Regards Liam C
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    moving hives

    Thanks everybody for your replies, l should have said l needed to move the hives 5 miles. l think l might leave the move until early spring even though lots of bees were flying today and they they don't seem to have clustered this winter. Regards L C Ryan
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    moving hives

    Hi All ' is this time of the year a bad time to move hives
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Thought all my girls had gone to bed for the winter but lots out flying today also saw them struggle with kicking out a drone trough the mouse guard
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    Foundation in Super frames.

    Hi All. Its my intention over the winter months to make new supers and frames for my national hives. When making the frames is it best not to mount the foundation until one is ready to put the super on the hive. Regards Liam C
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    Bees flying in Tipperary today

    Lots of bees flying again today and bringing in lots of bright yellow pollen.
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    Bees flying in Tipperary today

    There is a 5ft barrier on three sides and to the fronts , about 30yds away , is a line of 40ft high trees. The hive faces south. To the left ,about 5yds away, I grow vegetables.
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    Bees flying in Tipperary today

    Had frost for a couple of nights so l thought , at last, my bees would have gone to bed for the winter but no, lots out flying today, a little pollen going in but mostly nectar. Bees flying since 10am and still plenty out now at 2pm. My bees flying on 12th Nov. 13 - YouTube
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    Queen excluder washing

    How strong do you mix the solution??
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    Lots of honey under feeder

    Hi All, My hives have an eek to hold the tray of apiguard and a feeder on top of the eek. On two of my hives when l went to take off the eek and feeder the bees had packed stores underneath the feeders completely filling the eek. It would be very messy to take off both feeder and eek and clean...
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    Laying workers

    Hi All Got a hive with laying workers do l still have time to combine the hive with a good hive. The good hive might benefit with the extra bees. Regards Liam C