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    Bait box odd behaviour

    Whoops nope ! They decided they liked a branch of the apple tree better than the bait hives ! Now all safely tucked up in a 14 x 12 poly nuke :)
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    polite request for advice

    Needs to be eggs Sarah as the workers will have to feed the eggs/young grubs royal jelly to get a viable queen
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    Bait box odd behaviour

    4 bait hives in the garden and a swarm arrives ... and decides it likes the apple tree best lol :willy_nilly:
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    Honey Bees and Hazel

    Aphids ?
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    Not heard a Cuckoo but did find a Goldcrest nest a few days back :)
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    Oxalic Acid help with maths please?

    I took the easy option and bought the pay**s ready mixed Oa to the right concentration :) Probably more expensive but hopefully save any mistakes
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    Maisemoore sale tomorrow

    Many thanks MM :)
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    Maisemoore sale tomorrow

    Tob Bick ?? not sure who this dealer is ? or is it a type of 14 x 12 ? sorry for newbee question :)
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    red mite

    Ive been told that Red Diesel is effective Pete, (normal diesel probably just as good). Got that off of a decent source (castlefarmeggs.....co.uk Ive had eggs that ive hatched off of him and excellent stock so pretty sure the red mite treatment will be the same Lance
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    Creaming Honey

    Many thanks :)
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    Creaming Honey

    Hiya all Just a quick one so to speak ! Do i have to seed the honey for creaming or will it still cream regardless if I stir it for long enough ? Thanks as usual Lance
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    The Beehaus - 2 years down the line.

    Fliedermaus haus - Bat Cave !
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    I want one of these!

    Not at this price you wont mate :eek: Royal Doulton Prestige Bee Keeper HN5197 Prestige HN5197 Bee Keeper is from the Royal Doulton Prestige collection previewed at the NEC in February 2008. Modelled by Shane Ridge. Height: 18cm. Limited Edition of 350. R.R.P. £425.00 SPECIAL OFFER...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Had my new Giordan drill-driven 8 frame extractor delivered today and had a coffee with the new lead singer of Danse Society :D Good times !!