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    Colony Collapse - suggestions.

    Will try to make this as brief as possible.Have earlier this season sited a couple of nucs at the rear of a guy’s garden in a rural setting as he wants to watch me for a year to see what’s involved before he launches into the expense. The two nucs had been transferred to brood boxes and were...
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    cheap suits

    :iagree: Very pleased with my recently purchased suit from BUZZ.
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    Heart disease and beekeeping.

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I won't be rushing into a decision!
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    Heart disease and beekeeping.

    Hello again. Thank you for the warm welcome, kind comments and helpful advice. It reinforces my growing opinion that the bee keeping community is a very friendly and helpful bunch. Just to fill in a few blanks:_ 'KentWasp' was a poor choice for this forum but I tend to automatically use it...
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    Heart disease and beekeeping.

    Hi, Is there anyone out there with medical knowledge/experience that can reassure me? I'm a 74 year old man recently enthused to start out on bee keeping, but I would like to be assured that I am not at a high health risk from bee stings before I invest too much money in the project. I...