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    Thank you

    Thank you to all who contated me offering a home to my Bees today.Hopefully it's getting sorted but I have made a note in order to contact if things fall through. Kay
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    Nuc wanted in Melton Mowbray / Grantham area

    Sean, can you phone please kay bate @ 14.38 please
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    nuc wanted Derbyshire

    free bees If you still want Bees please contact me.Kay Bate 01332 595437, [email protected] You can have mine free, derby central
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    Desperate for Nuc's - North Staffs area

    I have Bees you can have free if you bring your equpment & collect from cental Derby, Gary.I have reacting to Bee stings and need to rehome my honey Bees. Please give me a call on 10332 595437 e: [email protected] Kay Bate
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    Free Bees

    If anyone would like my honey bees please contact on 01332 595437.I any happy to give away free to collector.Central Derby area. Kay Bate. email:[email protected]
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    Winter stores, hive format etc.

    Begining Too I have found this text all very interesting as a new bee keeper too. I personally found whilst treating with apiguard that with the eke in place the bees built comb to fill the gap and thus I had cross bees when I needed to remove the comb. Is there any way to prevent this...
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    Midlands/Castle donington

    Hi, I'm in Derby but looking for e-mail support essentially.I went on a couse at Broomfields College in May but now it's now I find I need some no doubt basic questions answering.My Bee's appear very well, have had them since July.My course tutor suggests I read my notes and use my intuition,I...