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    4 weeks from swarm, and no brood - should I worry?

    One of my colonies swarmed last May and it was six weeks before I saw eggs .
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    lay in super not brood box help

    I would echo the comments above about having a decent protective clothing. On the course I did we were encouraged to wear "marigold" type gloves. I never felt that happy when bees were walking over them and a friend on the course got stung through them several times ,reacted badly and gave up...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Got stung!!! Had bees for two seasons now and never been stung. Few flying this morning when sun on hives, but 3.30 pm all still. Was about ten feet behind hives moving a piece of fencing and got stung on the hand!!
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    Sussex Courses?

    High Weald group have an excellent course run by Keith Obbard at Groombridge. I did it in2011. One Saturday afternoon a month from March to September. They take about fifteen people, have an apiary with 10 plus hives, split you into groups of about three people, each with an experienced...
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    3 mile rule - an old wive's tale?

    Thanks for answers. Yes Richardbees, omf , poly nuc has a mesh panel in floor.
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    3 mile rule - an old wive's tale?

    I'm interested in Rockdoc's comment about moving hives in winter. A friend in our lane is doing a beginners course and I will probably be giving her some bees and I had wondered , if we moved them in winter, would they re-locate when they start flying again in the Spring or whether we still...
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    What a mess!!!!

    Back in the spring I found a queen on the undersurface of the crown board above the super, in a hive with a queen excluder.
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    How much are you charging?

    With regard to the comment about hexagonal jars being expensive to buy, p.y..s are half the price that t..rn.s are charging for the same tray of jars.
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    honey labels

    In view of recent thefts of hives in Britain I would not consider putting my address on a label to advertise the location of my hives. I guess it's different if you have an out apiary.
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    Eggs :)

    Be patient. One of my hives swarmed on 12th May. Caught and housed swarm. Original colony still had no eggs on 21st June when I went on holiday. Thought I might have to re-queen on my return . Early July eggs appeared, so six weeks from swarming. They are now on brood and a half.
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    Apilife Var / Thymovar

    I'm no expert but assume it must be the thymol that is the active ingredient, as that is the sole ingredient of Thymovar 15g in each strip. Apilife Var has 8g thymol plus eucalyptus 1.72g , camphor 0.39 and levomenthol 0.39g. However Thymovar goes on twice for three weeks each time and Apilife...
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    Apilife Var / Thymovar

    Went into ****** today for things including varroa treatment. Picked up Apilife Var as I was happy with it last year but when discussing amount I needed for my hives ( 3 wood and 2 poly nationals ) was told not to use apilife var with a poly hive as it will damage it. Apparently it is the...
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    Brood boxes and bases

    Thanks for your input. I will give it some thought.
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    Brood boxes and bases

    This year I have come to the conclusion that a single national brood box is not always big enough. However I have concerns about the practicality of searching through more than one box for queen cells next spring, also the possibility of squashing the queen when putting the boxes back together...
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    queen cups

    I caught a small swarm Sunday 27th May, I assumed it was a cast swarm. Housed it in a poly nucleus on foundation. Had a quick look in today . They are building on 4 frames and have some stores. On the central face of one there are 6 queen cups. I understand the need to wait 3 or 4 weeks...