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    UK pledges to restore pounds and ounces as Brexit benefit

    Newborn babies are weighed in Kg by the staff and recorded as such, but the new mother's are told the weight in pounds. Is that so that Granny will know if its a good size or not?:) But seriously, can those politicians really be serious about dragging England back to Imperial ? I dont think...
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    UK pledges to restore pounds and ounces as Brexit benefit

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    Kingspan Insulation in Eke

    If there is a building site nearby see if you can get any large offcuts of PIR for free. Time is money and builders often wont waste time messing about with smaller bits of PIR - just grab a new sheet.
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    "Wobbly Bee"

    TLAs can be abbreviations or acronyms - I find occasionally people don't get the difference. Whilst SCUBA and AIDS are acronyms, CBPV and LFT are abbreviations but obviously only one is a TLA
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    UK pledges to restore pounds and ounces as Brexit benefit

    We do have odd way of measuring things. Take car tyres. The tread width is in mm, the internal diameter fitting the wheel is in inches and the sidewall height is a % of tread width. How did that come about ?
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    Kingspan Insulation in Eke

    ok - good idea - a little experiment to do over winter
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    Kingspan Insulation in Eke

    I put 50mm of Kingspan on top of the CB in my WBC hives. I was wondering whether to block the air gap between the top box and the top lift all the way round with some foam insulation to stop air circulating up into the roof space. Would this be detrimental in any way ?
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    Hornet problem?

    I decided a couple of years ago not to put up and traps that kill. I modified the "coke bottle" trap so that most insects can escape (a bit of trial and error regarding hole sizes) and only larger ones are retained but not drowned. I hang them in the fruit trees in the apiary, only as AH...
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    Honey price

    Good point. Well, I had to start somewhere and took advice from various club members. Their prices varied enormously so I chose a value up at the top of the range to see what sort of local market I would have for my honey. It sold well and I increased the price this year by 12.5% . My village...
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    Why won't my honey crystallize?

    many thanks
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    A message from a beginner to beginners in beekeeping.

    The Dunning-Kruger effect abounds; from Anaesthetics to SCUBA diving (my past fields of teaching). The only difference is that anaesthetists injure and kill others when they screw up through incompetence, SCUBA divers injure and kill themselves.
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    Honey price

    Im new to this honey selling lark, so learning all the time. A local commercial beekeeper sells on-line Runny Honey at £9/16oz and more for soft set and special honey (eg "tumeric infused" - sounds horrid to me). I'm selling (ad-hoc) at £4.75 for 12oz(340g) from my door (£6.33 /lb). I also sold...
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    Shredded plastic-backed corrugated cardboard packing - is it safe in the smoker?

    Agree, wouldnt use anything with plastic. I have tried corrugated cardboard in the past -I discovered that some seems to be impregnated with fire retardant - I wondered why it kept going out :) I now use old dried straw for around our strawberries to get it going then add a mixture of wood...
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    Why won't my honey crystallize?

    That's interesting. Can you supply a link to this lab please.
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    Is this the future of beekeeping ? discuss

    :laughing-smiley-014 I didnt until my daughter said "banana llama"