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    Chalkbrood and Nosema

    I have a similar problem- but wondered if the bees were hungry- I have tonight put some syrup on and given them a light spray with syrup. They are the smaller of my 2 colonies and I have fed my other one 2x but didn't think this one needed it but the weather has turned so cold and inclement,and...
  2. J

    using old foundation

    Thanks everybody- I can't see any rust-more a sort of corrosion? think I will do as seems to be general consensus and pick out the usable sheets and put in the airing cupboard before I put them into frames and recycle the rest. Thanks again
  3. J

    using old foundation

    Yes! its mostly broken along the wires
  4. J

    using old foundation

    Can anyone help me- as a fairly new beekeeper- I have been given some old unused foundation(quite a lot)-probably about 10-15 yrs old.Its all clean, but most has gone brittle, and some is falling apart. If I put it in the airing cupboard will this help- is it worth using? and is there anyway of...