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    Can you move bees abroad?

    FIBKA don't seem to approve: But see here: This document talks about importing bees from other EEC...
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    Oxalic acid treatment.

    Something like this...
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    Sources of UK insects (honey bees) in resin/acrylic blocks

    Hi there, welcome to the forum. �� The only insect preserved in the way you suggest that I am aware of is an Asian hornet (bee pest imported to Europe a few years ago) sold by Thornes here:
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    Heated uncapping knife

    It can happen with any supplier at any price...I bought one from Thornes a few years ago that was defective in the same way...quickly replaced with no quibbles, but maybe not an option for you...
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    Advice please, varroa treatment weak hive

    Have you any really strong hives..?? What about moving a frame of brood and young bees into your weak colony.?
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    See if you can get your hands on a copy of: Control of Varroa A Guide for New Zealand Beekeepers ISBN: 9780473123925, from your local library or association. It is published by the New Zealand government and gives their results from tests with many different chemicals, including, interestingly...
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    Apiguard is just thymol crystals packaged expensively.....
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    Adding supers & frame configuration query ???

    Either one hive with drawn comb and the other two with foundation, or a mix with foundation in the middle and drawn at the outside. Whether you will get them all drawn and filled will depend on what is available near you after the blackberry finishes....
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    Varroa Control

    Apiguard is basically thymol....
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    Can anyone ID this plant, please?

    For anyone interested in identifying flowers or plants, I recently found an app called 'PlantSnap' Just take a photo and it identifies the plant.! Only tried it with a dozen or so, but it does seem accurate...
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    Noob Question on Bee Craft

    I agree... excellent magazine.
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    Sugar dusting and mite drop

    The DEFRA website 'Beebase' has a varroa calculator:
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    OSR honey - no csbinet - ideas?

    In the past I have used a heating pad, originally bought for brewing home wine, similar to this: Insulate it with a few towels or duvet. Just...
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    EFB is a notifiable disease, so there is a legal obligation on you to immediately contact your local bee inspector if you suspect any of your colonies has it. By not doing so you are putting your other hives as risk of infection as well as hives belonging to others in your neighborhood. Please...
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    SWARM keep in Nuc or in Hive ?

    I'd move them into the full sized hive asap and use dummy boards to restrict to 6 or 7 frames. A swarm will build comb and numbers quickly, and with the weather warming up, I would have concerns about the nuc- box overheating.