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  1. J

    Snow & sun

    Actually, from my experience, it depends whether the snow is frozen or not.If it is frozen, the danger for the bees is much less than if it is not.
  2. J

    Snow shrinkback from polys

    When a hive is completely covered by snow, and the snow begins to melt, you always notice after the roof has cleared that there is a gap between the hive walls and the snow. The bees that want to go out leave the hive by climbing up the hive wall.
  3. J

    Advice needed - Liquid leaking out of hive

    Hey Jimbeekeeper, I nearly burned a hole in my screen with a cigaret butt:D:D
  4. J

    Bees working Plums

    Last year was a bumper year for plums here. They fell off the trees quicker than I picked them, and yes, the bees were working the squashed ones.
  5. J

    Imported honey to UK.

    1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 3700 4100 4100 4100 2870 3000 5000 7000 7000 tonnes so the expected 2000 tonnes will be the worst for a long time. 1996 in France was a bad figure as well, and *coincides* with varroa resistance to tau-fluvalinate. 2000 figure...
  6. J

    Varroa resistant to Thymol

    Tried Tea tree oil last year. No other treatments. My colonies are still alive. I think whatever you use, whether chemical or essential oil, the important thing is to vary treatments .
  7. J

    Life Cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite

    Hi Mike, how about this? :svengo:
  8. J

    Varroa mites and wasps? hitching a lift from hive to hive ?
  9. J

    Asian Hornets (again)

    NOPE. But then I live in a very remote area. The last lorry probably went by in 1938. I think they're concentrating in Dordogne to see what the English are like before doing a mass invasion:) Had a lot more wasps though.
  10. J

    Asian Hornets (again)

    Hi Mike, they talked about it on the news back in September. They think the female layers are hitch hiking around in lorries. Doesn't the channel tunnel end up in Kent?:confused:
  11. J

    Natural cell size & Varroa

    Hi Somerford. I've been doing this with 3 hives this year. First point, the idea is not to get rid of varroa, but to keep the varroa level low enough for the bees to survive without other treatments. Next, it takes several years of letting the bees build their own new comb each year for it to...
  12. J

    Best line in a song

    I hesitate between Di doo dum dum dum di doo dum dum and Doo wa diddy diddy doo wa doo They translate quite well into most languages :)
  13. J

    Apimondia 2009

    Thanks for posting that RT. I had been thinking of going, but found the entry charge exhorbitant. Yeah, the rain has been bucketing down-one good thing though, 10 kilos of mushrooms this morning.
  14. J

    Garlic powder and icing sugar

    A beekeeper on a French forum tried the garlic/sugar mix last autumn.He reported his figures. It dropped a few mites. He then treated with thymol, and the large number of mites that fell showed the garlic/sugar treatment numbers to be insignificant.
  15. J


    I think you need dry chalky soil for the best results. And sunshine. It's good for nectar but zero for pollen. The honey doesn't have a very pronounced flavour, and crystallizes slowly giving fine crystals. Here, it grows spontaneously among other wild flowers in fields abandoned by farmers.