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    Range of reactions to stings

    I bow to your greater knowledge Chris - just quoting what the Botanical Gardens in Dublin told me and I only offered up the remedy to help out as someone did the same for me. I was told that the plant concerned is not native to Ireland and if you say different then thats grand as well. The...
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    Range of reactions to stings

    The leaves on that look a bit fatter then the one I have growing in my polytunnel - if I get a chance I will photograph later today. This one also only grows to about 2 feet tall. It is not a native plant in Ireland and isnt easy come by so if anyone has any seeds.......
  3. J

    Range of reactions to stings

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/nilelife/6240501406/ is what your looking for. I have only known it as wild mallow.
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    Range of reactions to stings

    your welcome - what it says on the article is "I collected a jam pot full of leaves, filled it up with methylated spirit, let it stand for a couple of weeks" I made some up myself in a small hand cream jar and just layered a load of leaves in it and then topped the container up with meths. It...
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    Range of reactions to stings

    Normally only get stung a couple of times a year – was given a magic potion by one of our members in Ballyhaunis earlier this year and if you can get it applied to the site of the sting within 15 mins then I certainly don’t get a reaction. Normally I swell up quite badly and itch like crazy...
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    european satnav suggestions

    Garmin 3790T even has little roads going over bogs here in Ireland - used it extensively in France and Spain and got me everywhere I wanted to go. Your right about the map updates though they are changing all the time
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    Pathetic spud harvest

    Over here in West Ireland the amount of rain we have had has killed my spuds. Everything has been waterlogged and then on top of that blight is bad this year - hadnt even been able to spray for blight because of all the rain. Resorted to growing spuds in the poly tunnel in the hope I get some...
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    Weather forecast sites

    unless your coming to Co Mayo in Ireland this isnt much good to you but I run my own weather site (and forecasts) for my local area http://www.carrowhawny.com/ I started it mainly because I find it useful to record the weather conditions when I do a hive inspection - it sort of steam rollered...
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    Stacked macro shot

    Amazing enough the first picture one first prize at the National Irish Honey Show - well pleased!
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    Watched most of TDF this year have to say its a brillant day for UK cycling.
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    Why does my uniting never work?

    I united two separate hives last year but made the mistake of uniting two different breeds of bees. It was like WWIII had broken out with dead bees carried off all ways. When I mentioned this to one of our more senior members he reckoned it was because of the different races.
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    Stacked macro shot

    There is some more stuff here http://www.flickr.com/photos/77502450@N08/
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    Stacked macro shot

    point taken but it was never meant to be a natural photograph - you would never get the definition that is visible in this photo then you would on a normal single macro shot. There are far more better photos then mine of bees on flowers etc I just wanted to get an image that showed the sort of...
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    Stacked macro shot

    Thanks Civ101 - better explanation that I would have come up with :-) The camera bosy is a Canon 1D MKIII (an expensieve divorce present!) and a Sigma 100mm macro lens with a cheap lens ring flash. Have to be honest no one was more surprised then me to see the way it came out - am pleased with...
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    Stacked macro shot

    johnnythefridge - yes it is mate As for being a hasbeen I hope not I have plans for a queen that will end up processed the same way (if I can find her that is)