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  1. J

    DN4 or DN5?

    ha ha ha, thanks everyone that's been really useful. But the only planes I know about take me to faraway places! I will leave my mismatched frames as they are for now. I don't think the bees seem to mind. Jackie.
  2. J

    DN4 or DN5?

    Thanks Ian. The only problem I can think of is that the top bars are slightly different in width and so the bees might make brace comb here, but I can't see any other probs. Jackie
  3. J

    DN4 or DN5?

    Hi Everyone I'm a newbee and on a learning curve at the mo. Apparently the frames my bees came on are DN5s and I have mistakenly bought DN4s to replace the old ones with. So now I have a mixture. I have been told by my mentor that I need to change this, but Thorne say it's okay to mix. Does...