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    What do you HATE about beekeeping?

    The bees bloody well flying off every time after we have spent serious time and money seeing the ungrateful bastards through the winter. Also being stung, queens hiding, and beeing( pardon the pun) addicted.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Well a really poor year from the East Midlands. 3 strong colonies going into the spring, lots of cold weather in May, all colonies swarmed as soon as warm enough....despite a/s ....new queens introduced...Little nectar at the right time...all washed out with constant rain every 3 days or so...
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    Just checked the product details ..It's three weeks per the instructions for regular infestation..however for heavy infestations you can go to four..I guess this is now heavy so I'll give them them a second program as the weather is still warm and see what happens. Not sure I understand the...
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    Hi Finished treating my hives using the three week apilife var program for those of us south of the boarder, three weeks ago. One of my hives is still dropping a shed load of mites. Should I treat again, or wait and use oxalyic in December? This is a strong colony feeding like crazy. Thanks
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Spilt 6 litres of 2:1 in the footwell of my wife's car
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    I have been working two beehauses for the last two years with ups and downs along the way. I am just processing our current honey crop..please pm me if you would like some unbiased warts and all advice based on our experiences.
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    Last year's frames-what should I do now?

    If you have two sets of super boxes, you can move your national frames upstairs..make sure the queen is not on them and place queen excluders below...then place your 12s to the back of the brood box and put a few empty 12's to the front, then a dummy board...and add more 12's as they expand...
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    What did you do in your beehaus today?

    New thread Please leave this thread For active Bh owners only who are prepared to come out ..no opinions please ..just facts ...thanks Today we had 17 degrees c. So we opened up as most of the bees were on the cherry a few streets away We only had cappings on the Tray from the front 2 seams so...
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    Dave. Check your pms
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    ...oh ..you will need to buy a second set of supers and coverboards.
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    Seen a few less than encouraging posts, however I have just bought my second BH... so infer as appropriate. Sure I am a hobbyist, from a commercial production perspective it is probably too expensive (if you wait until the first week of January to order, Omlet have discounted for both the past...
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    Welcome to all Omlet Beehaus Members

    Err..we are now on our second beehaus and certainly would not have bought it if not convinced. New fangled ..not really, new materials yes, do the bees care...no!
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    New Nuc & expansion

    Thanks Wow what a response! Many thanks to you all. Since I wrote the original post we have been blessed with fine weather in the east midlands, and I have discovered a) what a Lime tree is and b) that Repton has many of them. The colony has expanded now quite rapidly- there are many more...