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    Beckys Bees

    People who have kept Carnicas know that when people speak of first to swarm 90% or more of the time its due to the beekeepers not the bees. Carnicas build up very quick very fast, so if they are still bound by winter stores or is already brood bound before you first yearly inspections then what...
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    LimeWatch UK

    Lime is pretty much finished here from what I can see....
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    Queen rearing from a defensive queen

    I do not plan on breeding from this one anyway, I can put up with the defensiveness that doesn’t phase me I just leave them to check last. This colony have a bigger issue for me they’re like the flash on the frames and cluster on bottom of frames which I really hate.
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    Queen rearing from a defensive queen

    I have a very similar hive at the moment, it’s collects abundant pollen I mean to the extent good say 2-3 solid frames. Been monitoring it and regularly see it flying at low temperatures when ever other hive has no activity. Approaching the hive they are no issue really but once you start...
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    I find at the moment it’s better not to think about expense or look at my account balance it’s just easier that way 😂😂
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    OSR Advice

    Some rape near me I recon a week
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    Seasons Greetings and what useful pressies did you get?

    Bj Sheriff apiarist suit 😊😊
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    Wasp Problem

    I have lots around my hives more than I want do might have to up the wasp control some how
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    Worst Year for European Hornets and Wasps?

    Thanks I’m not one to care about others opinions, but I do listen to them and forntour information I’m not leaving it out for everything it will be in a wasp type trap but instead of them drowning they will get the chance to fly out or die inside either way. Others have tried it and said it...
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    Worst Year for European Hornets and Wasps?

    Im in the same situation in Essex I’m hand squatting wasps and hornets whilst inspecting managed to hand squat 15 hornets this week plus tons in traps always see a few hovering around the apiary. I was told several drops of flea programme mixed with cat food or corned beef is a good way to...
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    the ivy then ...

    Ivy tends to granulate and goes rock solid from my experience and in winter they may struggle to eat and starve I tend to feed around time ivy is flowering to deter them from filling their brood frames with it. But that’s me.
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    Odd behaviour- honey in brood

    I built 60 fresh brood frames last week to change out capped or nectar bound brood frames for space for laying as laying was getting soooo reduced run out needed more..... just a serious annoyance if im being honest im going to stick all the frames I removed and fill a few brood boxes up and use...
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    Very dry weather

    Here in Essex I've had Brambles/Limes/Clover/Elder flower 1-3 weeks now bit worried myself with this lack of rain but nothing I can do so will just sit and sulk :P bees still have a flow on but for how long without some nice h2O
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    Finman vs Winnie the Pooh

    I for one as one of these do gooders according to you, I would love to see some stuff reintroduced to our country so what if they damage a few colonies or other stuff that’s life we are not the only living things with importance in this world nor are our possessions.
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    LimeWatch UK

    got the odd bramble flower open wont be long before explodes, lime here is in bud so doubt it will be long also.