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    advice on collecting a colony from a loft please

    let us know how it goes
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    Wasp Traps What Bait?

    i think the bait can bring wasps to the area who were not there in the first place
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    Spot the Bee

    i agree, they also love cotoneaster early in spring, right now they only seem to go to the balsam, they have not touched my borage at all.
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    Confused about honey...

    looks very similar to my honey, there is loads of balsam by me and i think thats what you`ve got
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    Winter Sales - Are they worth the wait?

    does anyone when the sale starts?
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    bees with white stripes

    its himalayan balsam,grows near streams and rivers. its not a native plant and the envoiromentalists hate it as it out competes the natrual plants, but the bees go mad for it.
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    never tried making cider is it easy?
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    red wine ahh the essence of life, good luck
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    Boxing Quiz.......

    the top one is joe louis, very nice picture.
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    Newport ( a state of mind)

    its been taken down now apparently there a "rights issue"
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    next level

    i have been keeping bees for 2 years and have 2 colonies. ihave a couple of begginers books but now need something to take me a little further over the winter. am not after an advanced book here but don`t need to reread siting a hive etc. any suggestions? i also work shifts and so find it hard...
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    worked for me, pressed that button about 3 times
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    a lot depends on the grapes, how strong you want the wine to be, how long you want to ferment it for, how much you make. like beekeeping there is not one way, whatever works for you.good luck
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    for 20 gallons i add 2-3 kilos of sugar, depends how dry it is to start, it also boosts the alcohol content.