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    As RAB suggests we don't know the treatments that have been given, maybe they were clean but picked up a mite load from else where or is it the 1st treatment. So it is either a good clean up of some stragglers ready for the new season or yes too late for the bees responsible for getting your...
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    Wildflower mix. Thoughts on the species

    Similar problem here, they just do not seem to survive without reseeding. They are set up with prescribed plans of action but only the docks seem to do well.
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    Agricultural Pesticide Spraying

    Never had a noticeable problem with insecticides on OSR in over 40 years. All my farmers will spray at dusk, one will even spray a headland after dark if it is near the hives. The problem going forward will be finding a crop to go to for that early pollen.
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    Long-range Weather? ??

    Our forecast for the next few days is 12c with a 2 day heatwave of 17c this weekend. Hopefully at least it will stay above 10c now & with less frost. Bees have abandoned willow now as the Osr is starting to flower. Hopefully plenty of pollen/ nectar this weekend to really kick start...
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    Like wise I was told by North Yorks trading standards that England was not a recognized place, the same as Yorkshire. Correct wording was to use "Product of UK". I assume this is because although our honey is only sold in the local area, the standards are EU wide and our membership is as part of...
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    Can I ask a huge favour?

    Done pleased to help.
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    Looking at your soil condition Maddydog could well be right, but it is at that crop state and secondary growth in the wheelings, where we get our honey yield from on osr. Earlier it is to cold for nectar, and pollen is what they normally get. If the ground was water logged over winter, the roots...
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    Mason Jar Honey Supers?

    A beekeeping friend has a set of jars like those which he gets his bees to fill. We saw a jar they filled last summer at a recent Association meeting.
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    Pick up Truck

    Those trucks are set to run as agricultural machines on red diesel, and do about half the mpg of the pick up n trailer, but also carry a lot more hives when moving. They are loaded with honey supers in the photo with the escapes on top ready for the next site.
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    I wondered the same thing, but I found & checked out a link from the Thrones sublimox web page yesterday. A picture is shown of the cup after using a half dose. It worked a treat but everything was well gunked up. Probably not too long before you have a problem with a blocked pipe!!
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    Sugar Prices

    We can do 600kg at a time with cold water, using an old bulk milk tank (250gal Fullwood) . Usually left circulating overnight, then pumped into an IBC. If pushed can just about do 2 mixes in 24hrs, but can have a small amount not dissolved.
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    Plywood nucs

    I made some ply brood/supers in about 1982 (most still in full time use), but my nucs are fairly young, made around 2004 out 9mm ply, so they hold 6 frames. Two boxes fit in the std 18 1/8" so fitting under a std roof if need be.
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    Frame cage

    To introduce a frame or two of brood n bees + Queen. We use a sheet of The Yorkshire Post to place the frames (langstroth) in. Similar to using a sheet of paper between boxes. You may need to use two sheets if you read the smaller papers.
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    Why is there a june gap?

    My understanding of the the June gap, is that the perennial and biennial plants have a head start on the journey towards flowering because they were growing the previous year. Annuals on the other hand are just seeds waiting for the soil temps to warm in spring for germination to start and so...
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    Tacwise nailer

    I use a silverline nailer & also a nailer/stapler, both on brads. A couple of jams with the nailer but that size of brads (40mm) then worked no problem through the nailer/stapler. Just bought another 2 x 5000 silverline brads. We have two @ work as well, but use with tacwise brads/staples.