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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Made a start on cleaning spare equipment to store away until needed next season. It took most of the day as well, so another two days off work and I don't feel I have had anytime off. Hard work this hobby.
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    Spiralling out of control!

    :icon_204-2::icon_204-2::icon_204-2: How did you know?
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    Varroa drop v Apiguard

    I have my 500g of thymol and will be giving it a go on a couple of hives but most I will use the Apiguard until I'm confident at judging the correct measurements. As they say on telly, one shit does plenty. :nono:
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    Spiralling out of control!

    Wow immaculate conception. He will return and walk among us as a Queen not any old Queen but a Queen bee. Formally Outlander and before you ask I was asked to make another account. It's a long story.