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    Hi Grant
    Hope the foot is getting better I dont know if you have heard about the bees but I dont expect it to be much longer now and then the fun can commence.

    Hello Tom,
    Thanks for getting back, got my invoice too so perhaps I got ahead of myself. I suppose that at least gives me a fighting chance to be back on both feet before they get here.
    Should be fun hobbling around the Twickers apairy Friday nights. Bang goes my chances of getting to Stoneleigh for some cheap bits and bobs though. Never mind.


    Cheers mate speak soon
    Hi Grant
    The bees wont be ready for a few more weeks yet I did talk to him a short while ago after he sent out an invoice to me and he confirmed to me due to the bad weather the bees are not advanced as normal. I think if we get them befor May it will be good but in May should be will be definite unless he suffers heavy losses by then and I doubt that. sorry a bit longer its all weather permitting is beekeeping especially the early months.
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