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    Thoughts about Carnica and Langstroth hives

    Yes they do... and new ones are still being manufactured.
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    Have one that will extract 24 shallows or 12 deep frames, works really well ... bought from E H Thorne. One of our other extractors takes 30 deep frames or 30 shallows, but that is just radial.
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    Good day today.

    Good girls.
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    dead brood identify reason

    Neglected, infertile, drone in worker cells, laying workers, buggered.
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    supersedure gone wrong?

    Nothing with bees is foolproof, you can have laying workers after two days with some, and you can have laying workers with a virgin queen present.
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    How late in the season do people graft?

    Depends on whether you carry out instrumental insemination? can be much later.
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    supersedure gone wrong?

    Laying workers.
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    Autoclave glass tips

    When cleaning the tips I use a vacuum pump to first flush the tip through with washing up liquid, then bleach, then boiling water, followed by ethanol, then the tips put in autoclave and then when using flushed through with sterile saline. The saline driver is filled from a new sterile...
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    Autoclave glass tips

    Buy some autoclave pouches to put your II tips and other suitable items in for sterilization. Similar to these....
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    Nothing changed

    In hand.
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    Making a II system

    Read this this thread on Beesource, it is long, but very informative, you will find out how to make or where to buy everything needed to do so.
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    Queen in Incubator

    Best to put her in a nicot cage with a few young attendants and food, they don't keep well in an incubator, don't put much liquid in the cage or she will end up in a sticky mess.
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    Brood in super and brood box

    Laying workers... and virgin queens cannot normally get through a queen excluder.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Seem to get roped into these things as well, had an afternoon on queen rearing, etc, for local bka a few days ago, also hired the village hall for them to have tea and cake afterwards.
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    Mated Queen introduction?

    My favorite method, lost one out of 190 last season, no direct intro losses so far this season... better success rate than caging the queens.