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  • Hi Peter - its Toby - Ive got an order with you for 2 nucs. I was wondering if you sell Queens alone, if yes could you give me a price please? (Need to re-queen alot of my older colonies).
    Hi. Can you give me a price for a Commercial brood box with 2 National Supers, OM floor, crown board and roof?
    Hi Peter

    I just wondered if you had any good books on Instrumental Insemination or any good info as i think i have read seen everything on the forum and web i might have booked a course in Germany. I hope everything is going ok with the build up to the season


    hi would it be possible to send me a price for, bs national brood box, verroa floor,roof, and nuc of bee`s.

    Mr L Williams

    aka bryanthebee
    Hi am trying to contact you to perhaps buy another of your hives I bought one in 2008 for my husband Dave but it stood redundant until late last year when someone gave us a swarm. they seem to be doing not to badly and now he would like to buy another from you if the price is reasonable. it was a complete national we bought and you kindly gave us a pot of the best honey (that is until we get our own!!) we have ever tasted if you want you can ring me on 01536743298 my names but I wont be in monday morning until about 12.
    Look forward to hearing from you audrey
    Hello Hivemaker,

    Thank you for your message.

    I am and always have thought about the Honeybees which is why I refused to use chemicals unlike the rest of the sheep.

    It has taken 18 years to find my discovery, the only way I can reach the masses which includes all, especially what total rubbish has been written in the media over these last few years.

    I have already had someone in America try to take the credit due to my nievity in sending them an e-mail copy of my book in TRUST.

    I am at present trying to make a notable beekeeper in the UK also to hold fire as they too want to take the credit due to sending an e-mail copy of my book in TRUST.

    So, have I got something, does it work, to damn right it does, this is why I haven`t got Varroa and why others are trying to steal my thunder after 18 years research.

    My book is out in the new year, you will be amazed.

    It will change beekeeping forever.

    Hi hivemaker
    You might have seen that I am looking for a new hive and parts and I have been steered your way, so, can you help? I would like it flat packed and depending on where you are I might be able to pick it up, if not what can you tell me about postage?
    I'm thinging of going 14x12 next year instead of std national double brood. Do you have a website with prices etc.


    Hi Pete,

    good to talk to you tonight, thanks for your advice, I am sure we will talk again.

    Best Wishes

    OK, here's the plan

    ...... I then have 2 lovely strong hives.

    To house these on 14 x 12's, I buy T*****s bees on a budget hives and Ekes.

    Comments please? (be gentle!)

    I don't know if you saw my post. The reason for going for Thornes cheap is affordability- obviously I would prefer the best I can. I understand you make a first-class product and assume the prices are appropriate- but perhaps you could give me a price for 2 nationals with varroa floor, 14 x 12 brood, 2 supers and 6" roof. I might be pleaseantly surprised!


    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to and offer me advice tonight.
    Your enthusiasm is infectious, I am getting more addicted to the topic by the minute.
    It looks like I have got some reading and study to do in preparation for my leep into the real world of bee keeping.

    Thanks again for your help and advice.

    Martin Bottomley.
    Hi Pete
    After reading several threads I hear that you might be the man to contact to purchase a good quality hive from. I am a newbie just starting out (been on a course and read a lot of bee books) and am interested in buying a complete 14X12 national hive. I was just wondering what sort of price I would be looking at and when availability might be? Also, I should add that I am from Somerset originally and am currently living in London but visit regularly so would be able to pick it up to save on postage costs.
    Many thanks
    Hello, I understand that you make beehives, could you give me a quote for 5 full national hives including 2 supers each plus stands? (I only need them for next spring so no rush) Many thanks
    hi pete bees settled in, went through them friday queen laying very well. they are great to work with and seem to be more active later than my black mongrels. many thanks toby
    Hi pete. Do you know anybody in somerset that might have a national hive and bees for sale please. THanks Rob.
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