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    Who Killed the Honey Bee? BBC 4 Tonight 21:00 15/02/11

    Sorry if already posted....b http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jzjys "Bees are dying in their millions. It is an ecological crisis that threatens to bring global agriculture to a standstill. Introduced by Martha Kearney, this documentary explores the reasons behind the decline of bee colonies...
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    Any truth in this against varroa ??

    My wife hasn't been feeling that great recently so I greased her back with goose fat. She's gone rapidly down hill ever since..........hc
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    I would plant now too. As a landscaper the "saving rule" (my own words) is don't plant when the soils is either saturated or frozen. If you leave your plants in pots they are vunerable to drying out and to freezing the roots and in both cases they die. My suppliers have posh greenhouses and cold...
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    Beekeeping Newbie - HELP...!

    Thanks everybody. Feeling good about your comments :grouphug: Keen on working with wood (I'm a landscaper) and I carve canoe paddles, spoons, cups etc. Big fan of our trees (got married amongst the trees) I'm sure I could put my hand to hive construction/repair. Yup - Barefoot Beekeeper is...
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    Beekeeping Newbie - HELP...!

    Oooops - Just so no one get the wrong jist of what I have said: I must just reiterate that the course I am on is run by a very talented lady. VERY switched on, very engaging and I think I haven't really heard/learnt enough yet. I get the impression she wants to promote sustainability through...
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    Beekeeping Newbie - HELP...!

    This approach connects nicely with my personal approach to most things in life! (Nature based) Great set up cost too! That must have taken some hard work on your part - Well done........hc
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    Beekeeping Newbie - HELP...!

    Thanks everyone for some great replies. Yes - A little daunting but it's early days. I'm very much interested in a more natural approach and feel bouyed by your comment a lot Moggs. Thanks.......hc
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    Beekeeping Newbie - HELP...!

    I’ve always wanted to have bees so I’ve just started a beginners’ beekeeping course (5 weeks in total and I've just done the 1st night class) and if I am truthful, I’m terrified! Not scared at all of the bees but at how controlled beekeeping seems to be, the sheer amount of knowledge you need...