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    When I tried melting and cleaning wax my house was bombarded with bees attracted by the smell. I had to shut all doors and windows and when I tried to leave the house to collect the children from school I had to run the gauntlet to get through the bees hanging outside my front door. I wonder...
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    Are your bees snowed in?

    Snow still on the ground (but none on the gravel that is under and in front of my hive). Temperature hasn't risen above freezing for a couple of days now. No bees flying, around 25 dead outside the front and quite alot dead on the open mesh floor - I lay underneath to have a look! Can't see any...
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    Wet Supers

    ps Mosquito. I did put the wet super above a crown board and would have put an empty super between but I haven't got enough equipment. Why is it that I choose hobbies that are equipment greedy? I thought that this would be cheap compared with windsurfing but I think not! At least one day I could...
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    Wet Supers

    I am just starting treatment for Varroa so won't be able to harvest anything new that they bring in and there is a half-full super that they can add to that is still on and which I hope they will move to the brood box, when the queen decides to stop filling it with brood. Am thinking that when...
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    Wet Supers

    Thanks Mike. Will take it off tomorrow then (if weather allows). We still have a fair bit of flow here - my neighbours herb field and the Himalayan Balsam are still blooming.
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    Wet Supers

    How long should it take bees to clean a wet super? I don't want to leave it on for too long in case they start refilling but I don't want to go back into the hive earlier than necessary.
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    Another thymol/super question

    Mr A I think that it may be my thread that you were referring to, which seems to have gone a bit off-piste and turned into a discussion of different types of varroa treatment. I think that my set up was much like your strong hive ie not much stores in brood box, strong colony - so still lots...
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    Adding Apiguard with super in place

    What do you do with the frames in the meantime? How do you feed it back to them in September (ie after the Apiguard treatment)? Won't the bees be too crowded if they are all in the brood box at this time of year?
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    Adding Apiguard with super in place

    I only started beekeeping at the end of June this year, working with one National hive, so am feeling my way through each new experience. My bees have managed to draw out the frames of two supers and fill one super entirely already. I am planning on taking one super off today but leaving the...