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    The Philippines How we can help

    ??? paypal .co.uk just redirects to www.paypal .com/uk/
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    Good to see the papers still have no idea what a honey bee is!!!!

    If they had changed the 'B' for an 'H' then it might have worked better.
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    Time for Change?

    Clear out your cache. Can't remember when it went, but I don't think it has been there for a while now. Although, we made a snowman only a couple of weeks ago here, so perhaps not so inappropriate :-)
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    It is mentioned at pre-natal and post-natal classes, and is in a lot of new parent advice leaflets so I would suspect 90%+ of parents of under 1 year olds are aware.
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    Co-op as a bank

    Another happy Co-op and Smile bank (part of co-op group) acount holder here too.
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    Camera advice please.

    Sorry to contradict you, but (without knowing the actual setting) I am not convinced that a 10-20mm type lens is suitable for something 6km away unless you want it to vanish to a dot, nor even for something 800 metres away. A wide lens will exaggerate the distance and make a distance object look...
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    Sticky Slides

    That's only 2 days ago - some people only visit forums every few days.
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    Is it 1976 all over again?
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    New Tools

    How about one of these :D
  10. They were very busy again today. Spring is nearly upon us for real...

    They were very busy again today. Spring is nearly upon us for real...

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    How many hives per area

    Unless I have misunderstood, the beebase figure in number of apiaries within 10km, not colonies. It does not give any idea as to how many colonies there are.
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    Comment by 'harveyzone' in media 'In coming'

    This was taken using a Sony A100 with Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens.
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    They're about today

    Yep, mine too. The first time I have seen them so active since autumn.... :-)