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    Formic Pro - targets varroa mites under the brood cap?

    Same procedure here with single Nationals. Applied towards evening (lower temp. possibly giving a slower release, plus bees mostly "at home" ) seems to be effective. I have used since became available on multiple hives/colonies (5 plus a season) with no discernible adverse effects. I...
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    Newbie with a swarm of someone wants it......

    [/QUOTE Hi, is that where those plastic boxes with lids (as in the picture) come from? Do you have the order ref. Number? Cheers Harry
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    Plan of action if/when catch a swarm

    I collected two swarms 4 days apart. 1. They have now been hived for 10 days (separate hives / colonies). 2. Gave each feed after first 3 days. 3. Not inspected either yet. 4. Following some splits and Artificial. Swarm manipulations and a Demarree (which is now two hives) I also have a...
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    Strange sound

    I have a hive that this "Brrrrrrr" sound emanates from, some days the sound comes others it doesn't. I hear it when doing weekly inspections, but only from this colony/hive. Heard it the last two weeks in a row. I cannot think that with so many people having heard this from their colonies...
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    Does queen size matter?

    Tell me about it. I have got one of those. Insists on going up into the supers. (I do not want brood and half, double brood etc.) Just want National Brood box (for brood!) and Supers (for honey) I have persevered with her again this year. She does eventually go down into Brood box, and lays...
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    Pesticides, Environmental & Political Issues FORUM CHANGES

    Could I have access to this forum. Thank you in anticipation.
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    Another lost colony story

    I have used MAQs on Nationals since it was launched in UK without any issues with its use. Plenty of ventilation (open entrance, OMF, empty super on brood box, healthy sized colony etc. Follow instructions). Also I put on early evening to avoid higher daytime temps so slower release (that is my...
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    Varroa treatment in March

    Bit of a micro climate in East Riding / Holderness between the Pennines, Wolds, the Humber and N.Sea. We do get the N. Easterlies but you are further east and suffer more from those cold East winds.
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    Varroa treatment in March

    Thank you for info. And guidance. Will wait a while for warmer weather to arrive then do first inspection and decide on treatment necessity at that time. Flowering currant (ribes) begun flowering this week up here.
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    Varroa treatment in March

    How about MAQS? I did Autumn MAQS and December OA trickle (ApiLife). I'm still seeing varroa on the varroa under O.M. Floor insert. 10 to 20 a week. Do you think the colony will have expanded to be large enough to enable MAQs use? (How long is a piece of string I know!!) I have not done an...
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    Frame Runners nails

    I use the frame ‘gimp nails’ if I cannot find the escutcheons.
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    I’d rather be

    Seems to be a lot of sailors on here. Do they all drop anchor eventually and become beekeepers? Racing up and down the Humber. Racing Hull to Imudjen dodging squalls and then a week round the IJsselmeer. Bare foot sailing Sailing in and out of Whangaroa Harbour up the coast rod catching lots of...
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    Queen issues

    I have used MAQS since it’s release without any problems, ever, (between 5 to 8 hives). 1. Used on single brood Nationals with OM floors. 2. I always use the full dose. 3. I put a super on (with or without frames and stores, ie completely empty super (eke like) sometimes or with stores frames or...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    The hives are in an orchard. Numerous different fruit trees (Apple, pear, plum, ‘juvenile’ walnut). Anyway the point of this post is that 3 Bramley Apple trees with giant apples and one of them has 3 or 4 clusters of full on blossom! Just what is going on? No wonder the bees sometimes appear a...
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    1st Sept. - 30 queen cells

    Will do. Fingers crossed. Still seeing drones. Beekeeping - it seems will always be subject to the vagaries and whims of weather and nature (amongst other things, not least those of beekeepers!)